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This blog will hopefully bring together all the little bits and pieces of history that I find interesting and that are otherwise just random events in time. As a historian I am interested in all kinds of history but my main focus is on the modern era or from about the sixteenth century on. My area of expertise is non-Western, so Latin America and Asia, but I’ve recently found myself thoroughly interested in Eastern European history. Additionally, and perhaps because it is a topic near and dear to me, I have a big interest in World War I and World War II and all the time between both. The banner on this blog is actually from a postcard from WWI that we (myself, Prof. Andrew Bergerson and five other students who worked together on this project) chose for the title panel of a history exhibit we did on WWI and commemoration.

Being Mexican, I also have a deep interest in Latin American history. Specifically, political history and U.S./Latin American international affairs. In my Junior year of college, I applied for and received a SEARCH grant from UMKC to go to Washington D.C. to do research at the Library of Congress on an incident that sparked a war between Peru and Spain over guano and how the U.S. stepped in thanks to the Monroe Doctrine. Very interesting stuff as you can see.

In short, I hope this blog will help keep all my information, resources, opinions, ideas, theses, and inspirations in some kind of order. And I hope also that this blog will prove useful to any and all who are as excited about history as I am.

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