About Emma

I am a history student at UMKC in my last semester before grad school. So, yes, I like history. I am more of a generalist, so public history is a good fit for me. I’ve been awesome enough to have worked on one historical exhibit already, and I am so excited to be working on a digital historical exhibit this semester. You can see some of my work here.

Some background information about me: I will be graduating in May with double degrees in English and History. I tried to squeeze in a minor in Philosophy but was advised to just leave it alone. Philosophy is probably my second love after History and I tend to get very inter-disciplinarian with those two. I am multi-lingual, if that’s even a word. My native language is Spanish. It was my first language. I learned English in school. It wasn’t hard–as a child I picked it up right away and was fluent by the time I was in the third grade. Also, for the past seven years or so I have been teaching myself Japanese. I practice whenever I get the chance (not too many Japanese speakers in Kansas City). But, I can definitely read and write it so I feel accomplished. However, I am in no way fluent, but I keep learning. As for my goals in the history field, I would love to create exhibits, either physical or digital, for historical institutions such as museums, archives, schools, libraries, etc. I also love to write so, who knows? I might even get a book out of my experience.

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